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Our imported produce is mainly consumed by the African, Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani and South American communities. The produce we sell is consumed all-year round and due to this, we restock our produce on a weekly or daily basis depending on the item. Our challenge is to ensure we can do this every month of the year by working with alternate countries of origin and seeking the best quality available at that time.

Due to the large volumes that we import we work very closely with the best transportation connection in the business. For example our Formosa papaya from Brazil comes by airplane three times a week. The Formosa papaya is actually ripe and ready to eat when it arrives to London! You can be sure of the fantastic flavour and sweetness from the Amazon.

Our company has a number of ripening rooms which are used to ripen plantain on daily bases. We import them green from Costa Rica and Colombia and then they are ripened as you would banana. Plantains are a very popular food with the African, Caribbean and South American community and their popularity is ever growing.

Our philosophy is to support the local shops as they are in a position to purchase fresh produce 6-days a week from the major wholesale markets that we supply. The consumer does not have to purchase more than they consume in a few days. More and more shops are in your local area with long opening hours so support them!

Our warehouse is not open to the general public for sales. However, if there is something on our product list that takes your interest, please tell your local shop keeper who would be able to stock it for you.


We use the highest quality packaging to ensure that our produce arrives in the best possible condition.